About me

meHi there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Vicky and I am a passionate traveller, I love nature, getting to know foreign cultures and experiencing the country.

Having grown up in a sleepy village in Germany I soon realised there must be something else out there! After living and working in Brussels, Tunisia and for the last years Geneva, my boyfriend Randy and I are making our dream come true and leave for a year on a Round-the-world trip!

The #justgothere blog was born with this decision (kudos to Randy for the name by the way) and actually has a double meaning – “just got here” to describe the places we see, the people we meet and our little adventures (and I guess some little stories describing my clumsiness 😛 ) and “just go there” to gather our little gems, the best tips and places to visit, food and eatery addresses!

We love to eat and food always has a big place in our travels, so be prepared to see a lot of yumminess 😉

Hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to follow me on my social media channels and to leave me your comments!